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Rome Plan

Rome Proposal

MOCK Studio submitted a proposal to conduct an analysis of the historical, political, cultural and architectural development of Roma, Italia in order to generate an understanding of the region, its people, and their aspirations.

The physical evolution of Roma can be viewed as a series of mass interventions over the course of its history that shaped the city’s urban fabric, its people, and their international influence. Its rich development patterns produced an empire and eventually unified a nation. The city’s location, natural resources, and civil engineering has created a uniquely Roman vernacular. Aristocracy, democracy, theocracy, and fascism all have their monuments here. Yet contemporary development has sought only to refurbish and restore the grandeur of its past laurels. The value of its history has denied the wherewithal to dramatically transform the City. MOCK Studio’s proposal sought to design and plan a new regional intervention that both protects and propels the City into a 21st Century utopia. MOCK Studio proposed an urban design overlay to simultaneously promote sustainability, efficiency and social cohesion with the ultimate goal to refocus the form and function of the metropolitan region.